Parental Drug Abuse

February 7, 2014
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April 9, 2014

Parental Drug Abuse and its Effect on Children

Drug abuse not only affects the abuser but also the people of their family. Be it the person’s spouse or his kids, everyone is affected negatively. The main reason for disturbance is the inability of the abuser to maintain healthy relationships with everyone. Drug addiction also enables the person to create stability in home environment.
Children are the worst sufferers. There weak minds which deserves proper love and attention are neglected and this ultimately result in heavy losses for their whole life.

Negative impact on children

Childhood is the most sensitive period in which an individual learn many things from their surroundings especially parents. Parents act as a role model for their kids and if any of the two is a drug abuser, the consequence will have to be faced by the children. The children will not understand the harms of drug abuse and there is a high risk that they also involve in this habit. Research also proves the high risk of addiction problem in kids who have an abuser in family.
Drug abused parent is not stable enough to give proper time to their family. He usually live in his own world and avoid any school events or family reunions. Therefore, be it a mother or father, a child needs both parents in his life and ignorance by any one disturbs a child mentally.
Disturb house environment effects the grades and performance of child in school. Such children are noticed to avoid participation in extra -curricular activities and easily involve themselves in violence and fights with peers.
Financial problems further ruin the situation. Drug addicted parents usually face financial crises as they have to bear the extra cost of buying regular drug dose. In such situations, parent neglect the petty needs of their children which mark a negative impression on child’s brain for lifetime.
If both the parents are indulged in drug abuse and are unable to attend their child, children protection agencies might take the child away from their parents to protect him from the affects of drug abuse. Although the agency will save the child from negative impact of drugs, but the child will face a big trauma which can badly ruin his life.

If mother is a drug abuser

It is a firm belief that a child is more attached to mother compared to father. Mother gives birth to a baby and knows all the needs and feeling of her child but if in case, mother is indulged in drug abuse, the kid will face a bigger trauma.
Kids may have to take care of the house, do cooking and look after younger siblings when the mother is under the influence of drugs. Furthermore, woman sets the rules and maintains discipline in the house but if she herself is an addict, there will be no family structure or routine. No one will be available to attend the kid while he is back from school or resolve his petty issues with friends or siblings. In short, drug abuse will not only destroy mother but will also ruin the life of her kids.

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