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February 16, 2014
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Millions of deaths take place every year due to the increasing trend of drug addiction around the world. Drugs are very harmful for physical and mental health of an individual and it is very necessary to control this disease. Government and private sectors has introduced numerous rehabilitation centers which work hard to save people and bring them back to happy and healthy life.
Main purpose of rehabilitation center
The main purpose of rehabilitation center is to bring an addict back to normal life through counseling sessions and therapies. Centers hire trained staff and use their best techniques to help patients. They also give a drug free environment with numerous patients which help increase the confident of each individual that there are other sufferers also who are trying to get back to normal life.

Methods used by rehabilitation center

Rehabilitation centers use different methods to treat their patients and one among those methods is counseling. In this method, a trained staff gives proper counseling sessions to drug addict and use various methods of behavioral therapies. Usually the sessions are done with a group of people and there are also family sessions when required.
The counselor tries to assist the individual in understanding the root problem of their addiction and give solution to cope up with them. They also motivate the abuser by telling the advantages of healthy drug free life.
Many drug addicts start facing mental health issues due to the increased use of drugs. Therefore, rehabilitation centers give medication along with counseling to help them. This form of treatment is called ‘dual diagnose drug treatment’ as it involves proper clinical assessments along with counseling sessions.
One more famous treatment method of rehabilitation center is ‘personalized treatment planning for drug rehabs’. In this method specialized counselor takes care of a single addict with the help of his team. The addict is given special care and all his previous history is assessed.
The main objective behind this treatment is to give special attention to an addict and bring him back to normal life. Examination counseling continues even after the addict leaves the rehabilitation center to make sure the procedure is a success.
Residential treatment is also offered by centers especially for those individuals who cannot live in the rehabilitation center. The whole procedure is carried at the home of an individual so the person does not feel embarrassed to share their addiction.
Previously people were afraid to send their loved ones in rehabilitation centers due to their harsh behavior and unsympathetic attitude towards the patient. As for now, centers have changed their policies with time and hire the best professionals who treat their patients kindly and give them hope to become healthy citizens of society. The team not only includes counselor but psychologists and psychiatrist are also involved in the process who work alongside for emotional and mental health of an individual. Several therapy programs are conducted and care is given even after the departure of addict from rehabilitation center to make sure the patient does not get involved in this addiction again.

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